Anonymous Elopement

Bonnie is the kind of person who loves love, for love's sake, and at no time was that clearer than our short and sweet, last minute ceremony at Grand Central Station. For personal reasons (very much influenced by recent political events), we realized we needed to get married before the year was over. We had three days. That's fine, we thought. We'll just go to the courthouse! Well, as it turns out, the courthouse is closed on New Year's Eve, and since you must have your license in hand for 24 hours before you can have a ceremony and the certificate signed by an officiant, we knew we had to find someone to help us out, and fast. Enter Bonnie, who responded to a friend's tweet about needing an officiant asap, and came through for us at the eleventh hour. 

She met as at Grand Central Station in the Kissing Gallery, where we had an audience of about three people who were simply waiting for their train, as well as our two witnesses. As a keen observer and professional writer, she wrote a beautiful, short and sweet ceremony using our favorite nerdy things as inspiration, and paid close attention to the reasons we gave for marrying that day so that she could incorporate them as well. She was very flexible and simply wanted to make our marriage come to life as beautifully as possible in the time that we had. We can never thank her enough for coming to our rescue that day, and being an amazing officiant on top of it all. We will never forget this experience, and it could not have happened without Bonnie.