Cara + Reid

When looking for an officiant, we knew more about what we didn’t want, than what we did. The idea of “light hearted” and “casual” kept coming to mind. Bonnie took our vague idea of what we didn’t want and incorporated it with everything she knew we needed. Bonnie did an amazing job of telling our story; she did it in such a meaningful, heartfelt way that you’d think she was a dear friend. I couldn’t imagine how to convey the things I love about our life together without it sounding too sappy, too much of the same you hear at every wedding. At our first initial coffee shop meeting Bonnie took the time to get to know us, in a casual friendly way. I walked away from that meeting thinking “she’s the one!” We felt for the first time that someone understood what we wanted.

At our second meeting Bonnie came to our home and asked questions about our love, our relationship and our family. She truly took the time to get to know us. There was no pressure of what a ceremony “should be”, everything was about what we envisioned for our day. Soon after we received the first draft with these comments: “It is hot off the presses, so I definitely expect to make changes, but I hope I captured the vibe of what you were imagining.” I cried the happiest of tears while reading our ceremony, it was perfect.

In our short time together Bonnie did the most excellent job of seeing who we really are, and seeing the things that make our life together special. All of our guests commented on our amazing ceremony. They were excited to hear about our love, to hear what brought us to this day. It was the ceremony we didn’t know we wanted, and it was truly the most special part of our wedding day.