Hillary + Dave

When Dave and I embarked on our wedding-planning journey, we were armed with, aside from each other, little knowledge of what our event should be like – except for a vague notion that we wanted a ceremony that reflected the light-hearted attitude (and desire for a big party!) we both shared.  In considering an officiant, we suspected we had a challenge on our hands.  Those fears, however, proved to be totally unfounded as soon as we met Bonnie and started to discuss “the story” of who Dave and I are.

Surprisingly, Bonnie was largely uninterested in the fluid ideas about our desired ceremony in the beginning.  All she wanted to understand is the story of how we met, fell in love, and grew that love over the years.  It wasn’t until she felt like she “knew” us did she help guide us in refining our idea of the ceremony – something that was so necessary and so so helpful as we pulled all of the wedding pieces together.

From there, Bonnie’s true magic was experienced.  She delivered to Dave and I a gorgeous retelling of our story that was crafted to intertwine seamlessly with the details of a wedding ceremony.  Her words were beautiful and, on the day of the event, her delivery was impeccable.  Her demeanor set just the right tone and was the perfect beginning to what became a perfect night.

Bonnie and her company Dearly Beloved are part of what makes planning for a modern wedding possible.  We’ll remember her and the work she did for us always.