Katie + Dan

I have been lucky to have as Bonnie a friend for many years. She has a knack for bringing people together and acknowledging both the big and little things in life with splendid celebration and ceremony. When we got engaged it was a no brainer for me that Bonnie should be our officiant. My trust in her was so great that I actually spent very little time in our initial wedding planning thinking about vows and the ceremony itself. Fortunately Bonnie was able to bring us into focus. Her questionnaire and the subsequent meeting brought me out of wedding planning mania to focus on why we were doing this, what we love about each other, and how to acknowledge all the different family and friends we wanted to celebrate with.

She wrote our ceremony start to finish including the vows. When she sent us the first (and final) draft I literally cried emotional happy tears on the subway. Her words managed to express our story in such a personal,funny,and tender way that we struggled to do ourselves. 

She was a perfect professional on the day of helping keep things on track and delivering the ceremony with a strong, smooth, and warmhearted tone. We are so grateful this exceptional woman was a part of our wedding day. She's the best!