Meryl + James

We've been grateful for Bonnie's friendship for many years. She's that rare gem in our lives, with the gift of bringing people together. Most often, it's over something artistic for she's creative at the core of her being, all the way down to her bones. In a time when it's increasingly harder and harder to connect, she has the unique power to remind us of its importance and routinely brings us friends close to speak of love, to express a new song, to feel transported to a simpler time. Our wedding was very intimate; we looked to our friends to flesh out the ceremonial bits. We couldn't think of anyone better than Bonnie to ask to MC our wedding and felt fortunate to even have her as an option. She wrote back immediately with a "yes" and from that moment on, she became a pivotal role of the celebration that made it richer. She wears her role as communicator and leader of ceremonies with grace, without stress, like it's a part of her. It's this warmth that we've witnessed not only extended towards us, but everyone she meets, and is why there's no doubt she'll bring that same love and care to your special day.