Sarah + Jen

Jen and I have a great love and home and a child together already and we'd been planning to get married at city hall for a while. We got the marriage license and then we got to thinking that Bonnie marries people and maybe she could just do it for us, real quick and easy. Also it should be noted that Bonnie is a wonderful old friend with whom I've celebrated many a wedding and birthday over the years. She's the kind of thoughtful host that really goes above and beyond in her enthusiasm and warmth. 

So I called her and told her a bit about our relationship and Jen sent her an email. From those exchanges, Bonnie wrote a short history of our love. She came over in the rain and our neighbor and best friend came by too. Jen held our son while Bonnie read and I couldn't have explained our story better. We all cried. Then we finished the ceremony and drank a toast and ate some cake. It was perfect.