Skye + Tony

Finding Bonnie was the icing on the cake (wedding pun intended).

From the moment we started planning our wedding, my significant other and I knew that we wanted a ceremony that would reflect us, something personal. After a lot of false starts in our search and only a month left until our wedding, I turned to Yelp in desperation and scoured reviews, trying to find someone who could still help us achieve that level of individuality without sacrificing on quality.

I came across Bonnie’s website and the aesthetic drew me in as a fresh take on the wedding officiating scene. I read everything her site had to offer and had a really good feeling so I crossed my fingers and hoped that she would be available.

She responded to us within hours and briefly outlined her entire process. So far, so good. We arranged for the three of us to meet in person to discuss details and get to know it other, kind of like a first date, as Bonnie described.

After meeting with her, I knew that I wanted her to officiate our wedding. She just got it. She got us. I held my breath hoping that my partner felt the same and he did. We immediately arranged to meet again in person to get to know each other further. That evening, she talked to us about our love story and our relationship. It was a really personal element that we didn’t expect but were very pleased with. We knew that we had finally found somehow who could help us create our perfect ceremony.

From that evening’s coffee table banter, Bonnie produced a beautiful draft that touched on all the right notes. It told our story while flawlessly intermingling the official components of a wedding ceremony. We were amazed by how Bonnie was able to verbalize all the things we wanted to say. For her to write something so personal in such a short amount of time was also an amazing feat. It was as if Bonnie had been a close friend for years and we couldn’t wait to share her narrative with our friends and families.

The day of the wedding, she was a calm presence at the altar and delivered the ceremony beautifully.

Having Bonnie as our officiant made all the difference. We knew what we wanted in a ceremony and through Bonnie, it was everything we had hoped it would be and more.