Susan + Jay

Bonnie is one-of-a-kind. Since our wedding (about a month ago at the time of writing this) everyone is still asking us for copies of our vows and Bonnie's ceremony reading. She not only delivered an incredible speech but coached us on writing the best vows we possibly could. Not only that, she enabled those meaningful words to flow out of us and into our vows by giving us the confidence and assurance that we could. 

What started with a quick drink to meet each other became a long discussion about all the overlapping threads between us. We met Bonnie and soon realized we shared friends, and similar experiences in Brooklyn. We felt like we knew her from another lifetime and instantly felt comfortable and completely at ease. 

Part of what makes working with Bonnie so special is her process. After our first meeting Bonnie came over to our apartment and got to know us. We told her our whole story (which is a long one) but she genuinely was interested and took notes the whole time. It made us feel really understood and special! Then a couple weeks later she sent us her ceremony speech---it left us in happy tears and completely awe-struck! Bonnie got us 100% and captured everything we wanted to share about ourselves and our love story. 

We recommend working with Bonnie for your wedding, speech or vows. Honestly, our recommendation couldn't do what she did for us justice! She is just such an incredible talent and a one in a million gem of a person.